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Meta Jacket NFT

Meta Jacket #327 바람 (Baram = Wind)

Meta Jacket #327 바람 (Baram = Wind)

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Meta Jacket #327 바람 (Baram = Wind)

Constructed from 100% polyester with nylon batting and poly lining. Meta Jacket #327 deep green blue. The hand embroidery depicts "Norbu" - a precious wish fulfilling jewel - a popular motif within Bhutanese art.

THIS ITEM IS MADE TO ORDER - ONCE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER WE WILL PROCEED TO CREATE THE GARMENT FOR YOU. This jacket is HAND-EMBROIDERED by Bhutanese artisans. The hand-embroidery can take 2-8 weeks depending on the design. You can expect your custom garment to arrive 1-2 months after placing your order.

Should there be any issues or delays, our team will keep you informed and will be happy to assist you accordingly.

The product is made to order so once your order is placed you will be unable to cancel. You can make adjustments to the size within a week of placing your order.

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